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Spatial Intelligence

January 12, 2017

What do hikers, board game lovers and artists have in common? Spatial intelligence, of course!  All of them are very well aware of their surroundings and are good at remembering images. They have a great sense of direction. They learn best through drawings and visual aids. 


Most common characteristics of people with special intelligence are:

  • Good at solving visual puzzles

  • Enjoyed geometry in school

  • Good at drawing

  • Can visualize pictures in head

  • Notices colors and shapes

  • Enjoys photography

  • Good with directions

  • Can remember places vividly

  • Good at artistic composition

  • Likes books with pictures



Occupations corresponding to those characteristics are:

  • Artist

  • Architect

  • Graphic Designer

  • Engineer

  • Fashion Designer

  • Interior Decorator

  • Photographer



Spatial intelligence is also referred to as “visual thinking”. A good example of visual thinking is when someone is hiking and has a compass and map. Though there is no physical path laid out the hiker will use the tools to visualize a mental path using the maps and compass to derive the best route through woods. Spatial intelligence skills are essential for mastering a game such as chess or for commanding troops on a battlefield. When you play chess, you must use strategy and skill in not only planning your moves but anticipating what moves your opponent will make. This is where spatial intelligence comes in because this type of brain exercise lets you visualize the board several moves in advance even though the pieces haven't been moved.


Following video is a short lecture about visual thinking. It will provide you with just enough information about this type of intelligence, that will enable you to recognize if you “have it in you”. And it will give you an awesome overview of “big names” in science and the way they conducted their groundbreaking ideas:



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